This article will discuss how to Maximise muscle growth and weight lossĀ 

How would you like to use 5 simple strategies to ensure you are maximising your body composition following a workout? What we put into out mouths plays a large part in what we look like, and more importantly how we feel and how we are training. The bodies relies on carbohydrates, proteins and fats in order to fuel the demands of exercise and to also aid in the recovery process.

This article will discuss the 5 essential tips you can follow in order to maximise your training, and to also get the best results for weight loss and muscle gain. While doing both muscle gain and fat loss is a fine balancing tool, there are a few things you can do.

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Regarding your nutrition it is important to be fully prepared and accountable for what you are putting into your mouth. What you eat on the day leading up to training and then following a training session will impact how you train and interfere with your health and fitness goals. If you would like to send us a message about your nutrition so we can help you, please click here.

Below are 5 tips to maximise fat loss and muscle gain

1. Ensure you are consuming good quality carbohydrates leading up to training

Carbohydrates leading up to a training session will do several things, including

  • Help fuel our exercise sessions. Our muscles will use carbohydrates as energy during exercise.
  • Help us train with greater intensity and weight, meaning we have a greater training effect.
  • Help us recover post exercise, meaning we can perform another bout of exercise in the next coming days.

If you are planning to train in the afternoon, say 5:00pm, you want to ensure your lunch and pre workout meal has complex carbohydrates in it. This may include rice, sweet potato, bananas, and dried fruit including figs and apricots.

2. Include resistance training into your regime 3 – 4 x per week

Resistance training can help improve muscle mass, which then helps with our body composition. The best way to maximise muscle gain is to include resistance training exercises 3 – 4 x per week. You want to be trying to hit each major body part at least 2 x per week for the best results.

Including resistance training will initiate protein synthesis, which is the molecular pathways which builds new muscle. If this is done over a period of several months, than muscle will be gained and will be beneficial for our overall body composition.

3. Consume at least 20g of good quality protein post workout

Consuming protein is vital for muscle growth and repair. Not including adequate protein will mean your recovery will be sub par and your training intensity will drop, meaning your fitness gains will not be optimised. Consuming either a protein shake or protein from a food source after a workout is important. Studies show that consuming this protein within 1 hour of training can have the best results.

4. Reduce consumption of high glyceamic index foods

High glyceamix index foods include foods such as white bread, muffins, cakes, sugar etc. There is research that consuming high glyceamic foods can improve protein synthesis following a resistance training workout and improve muscle gain. However it can also increase the ability for our bodies to store fat.

If we had to weigh up the options, and if we want to maximise weight loss and muscle gain, these are a no go and should be avoided unless you are looking for pure weight gain during a strength cycle.

5. Include healthy fats through out the day

Healthy fats includes foods like avocados, peanut butter, eggs, full cream milk, cheese and olive oil. If your fat intake is too low it can reduce the amount of testosterone your body is producing, meaning it will have a negative impact on your muscle gain.

Consume 2-3 servings of good quality fats throughout the day to maximise the results.

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