In this Case Study you will learn how Agni resolved her lower back pain after having it for over 6 months – Video Case Study at the end of this post.

Agni first attended our clinic after injuring her back during a heavy deadlift. When she attended our clinic she had been in pain for over 6 months and had tried the following techniques and health professionals:

  • TENS Muscle stimulation
  • X -Ray
  • Heat packs
  • Chiropractic manipulation
  • General stretches
  • General massage
  • Core muscle exercises

All to no avail – She still had back pain.

Agni clipped

Here is how we fixed her back pain

1.Specific Movement Screening and Flexibility Screening Tool

The screening tools allow us to do the following:

  • Figure our which muscles are tight so we can become laser focused on her treatment
  • Understand Agn’s movement patterns and what was driving her pain

2. We listened to her individual story and goals

Each patient is different we listened to her story and her specific goals. We were then able to effectively map out a direct plan for her to reach her goals. Agni had a goal to return to CrossFit training. She loved the social aspect of it but feared lifting a barbell again. We reassured Agni she could return to this with proper guidance and exercise.

3. We gave her specific hands on treatment and a corrective exercise program, SPECIFIC TO HER!

We didn’t just get her on the table and massage her back – everything we did was done to get her to her goals.

The following is a list of Agni’s results from her movement screening

Flexibility score 62/90

  • Hip flexor tightness on right leg
  • Rectus femoris (quadriceps muscle) tightness – right and left leg
  • Reduced hip internal rotation – right and left leg
  • Reduced ankle dorsi flexion – right and left leg
  • Reduced shoulder internal rotation – right arm

Movement score 29/40

  • Poor trunk alignment during body weight squat
  • Poor single leg motor control

Other Physiotherapy Findings

  • Stiff upper lumbar joints
  • Tenderness through left and right gluteal muscles
  • Poor and painful movement into lumbar flexion
  • Poor understanding of pain

Agni was given the following rehabilitation advice:

Prescription and rehab
Agni was given a corrective exercise program to improve the range of motion in the joints and muscles mentioned above – these included specific and effective stretches for her hip and quadriceps. She was also prescribed several single leg neuromuscular control and pelvic control exercises to help improve her hip and trunk stability. Agni was initially seen once per week for ongoing physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation. This included a range of exercises including but not limited to:

  • Retraining of functional movements such as deadlift, squats and pressing
  • Specific functional retraining focusing on spinal movements, control and lifting techniques for CrossFit
  • Single leg squatting, lunging and stability exercises
  • Specific hip mobility exercises to improve range of motion
  • Hands on Physiotherapy

The End Result

Agni is now pain free and lifting well over 80kg again for a deadlift which was her specific goal! Check out her video case study here.