Do you have pain on the outside of your ankle or in the Achilles region?

Have you sustained a recent ankle injury on the sporting field? Or are you experiencing an annoying pain at the back of your foot while you run or jump? You just want to get back on the field and continue to train with your friends, you feel like you’re missing out!

The good news is that acute ankle injuries and pain at the back of the foot can be successfully treated if caught early. If you leave it to linger around, it can turn into a more serious injury such as a stress fracture or an achilles tendon rupture – which means game over!

Don’t let this happen to you, you have worked way too hard on the training field to just give up now. If you have experienced a recent or long term ankle or foot injury then we are offering the following:

  • Expert Physiotherapy verbal and physical assessment to figure out where your pain is coming from
  • Hands on treatment to help relieve pain (we won’t just put a heat pack on you and leave the room)
  • Clear explanation of return to sport guidelines and exercises you must be doing
  • Ongoing support until you return to sport or activity

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“An ankle sprain is the most common acute sporting injury, accounting for about 14% of all sporting injuries. Among these, 80% are ligamentous sprains.”

How long does an ankle injury take to repair?

Ankle injuries can vary from anywhere between 3-12 weeks depending on the severity of the injury. In more serious cases there can be a complete rupture of the ligaments in the ankle which can mean surgery, this is a rare occurrence. If you would like to read our blog, please click here

What can I do at home to reduce my pain and swelling?

There are a few things you can begin to do as soon as you have an ankle injury. All of which should be done within the first few days of an ankle injury, the sooner you can begin your rehabilitation, the better:

  • Ice pack – Place some ice in a cold and wet towel and wrap it around your ankle for 20 minutes
  • Keep your ankle elevated above the level of your heart
  • Provide some compression such as a bandage or a compression stocking which you can get from the chemist
  • Use pain relieving medication in the first 2 days only. After this, allow your bodies healing processes to take over
  • Gentle range of motion exercises

The ankle and foot pain we can treat include:

  • Achilles tendinopathy/ tendinitis and tendinosis
  • Acute ankle sprains (Rolled ankle)
  • Calf muscle strains and tears
  • Achilles tendon ruptures
  • Stress fractures
  • Shin splints

Why do I have pain in my achilles region?

Achilles pain usually arises due to an increase or change in training volume, training intensity, type of exercise and can even be related to things such as your training surface and body weight. If you have been experiencing pain in the achilles region for several weeks it is important to reduce your training volume and intensity immediately.

The sooner you do this, the less chance it may turn into a chronic injury. Long term achilles pain can be reversed however, will take significantly longer depending on your chosen sport. Careful examination by a Physiotherapist should be done followed by commencing a corrective exercise program. To read about our Physiotherapists, click here.

Our Promises to you:

We promise to reduce your pain significantly within 3 sessions or less or your money back guaranteed.

We promise to figure out what is causing your pain and to provide a clear explanation on how to resolve it so that it never returns.

We promise to give you ongoing support through your recovery to ensure you stay on track and make a full recovery. We want you to get back doing the things you love.

We promise to provide you with adequate, pain relieving, hands on treatment (when required). We don’t believe in using old fashioned Physiotherapy machines such as TENS and Ultrasound.

Are you ready to reduce your ankle and calf pain?

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  • Expert Physiotherapy verbal and physical assessment to figure out what is causing your pain
  • Pain relieving hands on treatment (No old fashioned and out dated machines)
  • Clearly planned out exercise rehabilitation program
  • Guidance throughout your rehabilitation so you know when it is safe to run and return to sport
  • Free coconut water and fruit!

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