At Driving Fitness Physiotherapy & CrossFit Essendon, we believe in creating unique and life changing opportunities. We wish to inspire people to make positive changes in their health & fitness, not only for themselves but for their friends and families.

Meet The Team

Mark Anile: Owner, Head Physiotherapist & CrossFit Coach

Christine Anile: CrossFit Coach and Director 

Andrea Frabatti: CrossFit Coach

Caroline Blay: CrossFit Coach & Remedial Masseuse

Jonatas Falcao: CrossFit Coach & Masseuse

Jameson Trainor: CrossFit Coach

Take a sneak peak inside our CrossFit Community

Exercise with people who support your goals

All levels of fitness welcome

Small class sizes so we can focus on your technique

Time to release that tension! Exercise is a great stress reliever

DISCLAIMER: You will get results if you apply yourself

Take a sneak peak inside our Physiotherapy Community

Affordable one to one Physiotherapy

We design a plan which fits into your lifestyle and goals

We don't leave the room during a consultation, we are with you the entire time!

Effective Physiotherapy for CrossFit & Strength trained athletes

Once your pain is gone, that's it! No ongoing appointments week in, week out.