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At Driving Fitness, we believe in creating unique and life changing opportunities. We wish to inspire people to make positive changes in their health & fitness, not only for themselves but for their friends and families.

We are an integrated health club with superior knowledge in physiotherapy, injury rehabilitation, strength & conditioning and CrossFit training methodology. We have services and experience in many aspects of health and fitness so we can accommodate for all patients who come to see us.

Our physiotherapy services provide modern hands on techniques to improve pain related to muscle and joint injuries, sporting injuries and post operative rehabilitation. We initially set clear and obtainable goals so that your road to recovery is mapped out for you, we take out all the guess work and give you a clear diagnosis. This is then coupled with up to date and modern hands on techniques to reduce your complaints.

Following your initial physiotherapy consultation, you have the option of jumping into our unique injury rehabilitation class where we begin to mobilise, activate and strengthen your body in order for it to return to full activity and lifestyle goals. Our services don’t stop there, once you are feeling pain free you may then progress into our specialised strength & conditioning classes where we focus on getting you back stronger than ever.

To make a physiotherapy appointment please call our physiotherapy clinic on 9013 6882.

We also cater for the fitness enthusiast with personalized as well as group CrossFit classes. We can understand how CrossFit has gotten a bad reputation over the past few years, however we do things a bit differently at our facility. First of all our classes have a maximum capacity of 6 people so you can be assured of plenty of 1:1 time with the head coach. As a part of our coaching team we have a physiotherapist who has a solid background in CrossFit training. Lastly we only focus on fundamental and safe movements patterns, if your technique is faulty or unsafe we have a keen eye to identify it and will pull you up on it. To book or inquire about our CrossFit classes, please call our gym on 9013 6882.

Our services include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • CrossFit classes
  • Personal training
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Athletic screening
  • Seniors classes
  • Nutrition advice

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Our Staff

Mark Anile – Physiotherapist & CrossFit Coach

A Master’s graduate of Physiotherapy from Curtin University, as well as a Bachelor degree in Sport and Exercise Science from RMIT University; Mark brings over 10 years of experience to the health and fitness industry.

Mark integrates his knowledge in functional rehabilitation, corrective exercises, strength and conditioning to bring a unique physiotherapy experience. His attention to detail for assessment, diagnosis and treatment is paramount in order to ensure a progression towards pain free function. He is also our head coach during our CrossFit classes.

He has previous experience in physiotherapy private practice, semi professional sports, exercise/sports rehabilitation and strength and conditioning and now wishes to share that knowledge to help you reach your goals. His interests and strengths in Physiotherapy include knee, shoulder and lower back pain as well as acute sporting injuries such as hamstring and groin strains.


  •     Masters of Physiotherapy Practice 
  •     Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science 
  •     Level 1 CrossFit Trainer


Agni Vaitheeswaran – CrossFit Coach

Agni has a background in professional sports, at a young age she began playing table tennis and went on to compete at an international level. She is currently a table tennis coach for kids and adults who compete on a national level.

Her love of fitness lead her to CrossFit training for the previous 3 years. Since then she has become a Level 1 certified CrossFit Coach and is now a regular coach during our classes. Agni is aiming to expand her career as a CrossFit coach and interested in training people with special needs.


    Level 1 CrossFit Trainer


Physiotherapy Packages:

90 Days to a Pain Free Back

  • 1 Physiotherapy session per week
  • 1 Rehabilitation session per week
  • Full body assessment
  • Solve your back pain for good in 90 days

Cost: From $69

Injury Rehabilitation Membership

  • Solve your ongoing pain or injury
  • Tailored & specific to your injury and goals
  • 1 Physiotherapy sessions per week
  • 1 Rehabilitation session per week

Cost: From $69

Physiotherapy Savings Bundle

  • 5 Physiotherapy consultations
  • Full body assessment
  • Corrective exercises to solve your pain fast
  • Discounted value – limited time only

Cost: $300 (Usual Price $400)