At Driving Fitness, we believe in creating unique and life changing opportunities. We wish to inspire people to make positive changes in their health & fitness, not only for themselves but for their friends and families.

We treat each client based on their goals and work out a plan that fits into their lifestyle

We spend 45 minutes during our initial Physiotherapy assessment and properly explain the cause of your injuries. We don’t believe in stopping your from training, we want to get you back on track as soon as possible.

Our CrossFit classes are never over crowded so we can ensure that your technique is on point!

During your CrossFit class you can expect us demonstrate the movements and to ensure you are performing correct technique at all times.

Meet the Team!

Mark Anile – Physiotherapist & CrossFit Coach

A Master’s graduate of Physiotherapy from Curtin University, as well as a Bachelor degree in Sport and Exercise Science from RMIT University. Mark integrates his knowledge of Exercise Science, strength and conditioning, injury rehabilitation as well as CrossFit coaching. He now helps recreational sporting people recover from injuries.

Mark’s hobbies include going out for breakfast and coffee, CrossFit training, reading, watching movies and spending time with his family and friends.


Jameson Trainor – CrossFit Coach

Jameson is currently studying Medicine at Melbourne University. Jameson integrates his knowledge of beach lifesaving, volleyball functional fitness training, strength and conditioning to bring you a well rounded CrossFit experience. 

Jameson’s hobbies include CrossFit training, surf life saving and reading.

Joe Riego

Joe brings over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, having previously run his own CrossFit gym in Strathmore for several years. He is now the founder of the Masters League; a CrossFit competition for masters athletes.

Agni Vaitheeswaran – CrossFit Coach

Agni has a background in professional sports, at a young age she began playing table tennis and went on to compete at an international level. She is currently a table tennis coach for kids and adults who compete on a national level.

Her love of fitness lead her to CrossFit training for the previous 3 years. Since then she has become a Level 1 certified CrossFit Coach and is now a regular coach during our classes. Agni is aiming to expand her career as a CrossFit coach and interested in training people with special needs.


Freya Proeve – Receptionist

Freya is currently completing her Doctor in Physiotherapy at Melbourne University. Freya makes sure all of the important stuff behind the scenes gets taken care of. 

Her hobbies include travel, baking, reading, keeping active (particularly enjoy pilates and yoga) and being social!

The Social Committee 

Meet Pavi, Carol and Louise….the 3 gals in charge of organising our social events and for keeping everyone within our community engaged. 

Louises’ hobbies include dancing, spending time with family and friends and hiking.

Pavi’s hobbies include watching movies, listening to music, brunching, dancing as well as traveling.

Carol’s hobbies include yoga, exercising, going on holidays as well as catching up with family and friends.

Physiotherapy Packages:

90 Days to a Pain Free Back

  • 1 Physiotherapy session per week
  • 1 Rehabilitation session per week
  • Full body assessment
  • Solve your back pain for good in 90 days

Cost: From $69

Injury Rehabilitation Membership

  • Solve your ongoing pain or injury
  • Tailored & specific to your injury and goals
  • 1 Physiotherapy sessions per week
  • 1 Rehabilitation session per week

Cost: From $69

Physiotherapy Savings Bundle

  • 5 Physiotherapy consultations
  • Full body assessment
  • Corrective exercises to solve your pain fast
  • Discounted value – limited time only

Cost: $300 (Usual Price $400)