8 Week Restorative Fitness Challenge for Mums + Yin Yoga + Acupuncture + Physio

Only 10 spots available! – Begins August 13th 2018

Below are the results you will experience in the challenge

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There are only 10 spots available

What will you experience during the 8 week challenge?

Unlimited access to our CrossFit group fitness classes

Each class is supervised by a CrossFit coach or a Physiotherapist and we even accept mums and bubs.

8 Week Nutrition Plan

No counting calories, no restrictive dieting and meal plans included. Enjoy nutritious and healthy food all the way through the challenge.

Goal setting and Mindset Workshop

In collaboration with Natural Harmony – Chinese Medicine, you will experience a 45 minute goal setting and visualization workshop so you can become clear on your personal health goals and achieve them within 8 weeks.

Yin Yoga + Acupuncture

Experience a Yin Yoga class which works on softening and releasing fascia and muscle tension. This will also include a calming mediation as well as an acupuncture or acupressure treatment. You will experience 90 minutes of relaxation.


Physiotherapy Consultation

During your Physio consultation, your flexibility and muscle tension will be assessed. Based on your assessment, you will experience a Physiotherapy treatment which will involve any combination of deep tissue massage, joint mobilisations, myofascial cupping and trigger point release.


Online Monitoring

During the challenge you will have access to our Wodify App where you will be able to track and accumulate points for nutrition, exercise, meditation, water intake and stretching.


Who will be coached and instructed by?

Mark Anile – Physiotherapist & CrossFit Coach

Mark is the owner and founder of Driving Fitness Physiotherapy – The home of CrossFit Essendon. Mark has been a Physiotherapist for 4 years and has now combined his love of exercise, nutrition and strength training into his CrossFit classes. 

Mark is also expecting a baby boy in Mid November with his partner Belinda.

Anna Pino – Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Anna is an experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner with 7 years of practical experience in women’s health. She loves educating and empowering women to achieve their health goals.

Anna is a mum of two little girls and an owner of a successful practice in Essendon North – Natural Harmony and a Doula.


Danae – Yoga Teacher

Danae is a yoga teacher, flight attendant and energy worker. She has personally found this fusion of Yin Yoga and 5 element acupuncture a great way to reconnect to the present moment.



Click on the button below to submit your application and we will be in contact to discuss the application:

The challenge begins August 13th in Ascot Vale – Only 10 spots available