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Driving Fitness specialises in using modern Physiotherapy practices and CrossFit training methodology to resolve injuries and create strong functional bodies

Physiotherapy Department

Modern Physiotherapy treatments to help you resolve pain and reach your health and lifestyle goals. We provide an in depth physical assessment of your condition so that we can get to the source of your pain. From there we help you reach your specific and attainable goals in as shortest time possible.

CrossFit Department

CrossFit Methodology training to improve your health, fitness and enjoyment during exercise! Our classes and coaching methodology are developed by our Physiotherapists to ensure a safe and effective response from CrossFit programming. Each new athlete is placed through a complimentary flexibility and movement assessment to ensure you attain a safe on boarding process.

Injury Rehabilitation Protocol

Injury rehabilitation protocols to resolve your long term pain and injuries. We work with you one on one to go through a systematic and educated approach to resolving your pain. This program uses corrective exercises, education and hands on physiotherapy to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Client Testimonials

man woman stretching

“Since joining Driving Fitness Physiotherapy program, my long term lower back pain has completely resolved. I can now do all the things I love with zero frustration”

crossfit girl

“The CrossFit classes have allowed me to lose 10kg and reach my goal weight. I now feel confident and strong”


To book your initial Physiotherapy assessment please call our clinic on (03) 93311918

To receive your 2 week unlimited trial of our CrossFit classes call our CrossFit studio on 0409 513 398





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