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At Driving Fitness “we believe in creating unique and life changing opportunities.” As well as Sports Physiotherapy treatments, we are also passionate about helping people improve their functional fitness through CrossFit training methodology.  Our team is highly knowledgeable in physiotherapy, acute and chronic injuries, human movement and exercise science.

Our Physiotherapists believe in helping and resolving your pain by using a combination of modern hands on techniques. We will listen to your own individual case and goals in order for us to provide the best care and management for your condition. We use comprehensive assessment tools in order to find out exactly what the main problem is. From there we will give you clear instructions and guidance as to what will be needed to return to full activity or sport.

We use hands on treatment to alleviate pain and also implement corrective exercises so you can strengthen, stretch and improve the quality of your movement. A rehabilitation program without specific and progressive exercises is sub par for long term results. Our physiotherapists have knowledge in all types of acute and chronic injuries. We also have superior knowledge in pain caused by osteoarthritis and can provide specific guidance on the management on this condition.


Our HICAPS facilities in our physiotherapy rooms make it easy for you to claim your private health insurance rebates. We accept and treat patients under enhanced primary care Medicare schemes. (EPC), Workcover, Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA).

At Driving Fitness we also provide semi private CrossFit classes. CrossFit is a fantastic way to become fit if done correctly and our staff are well equipped to help you have an enjoyable experience. Our CrossFit classes are strictly supervised and include comprehensive description of technique. Our coaches includes a physiotherapist who is highly experienced in CrossFit and safe lifting methods. All classes are caped at 5 people so you can be assured of a semi private exercise experience unlike no other.

Our CrossFit classes have attracted a broad range of people and athletes, some looking to improve their general health and others looking to be involved in competition. If you are a beginner to CrossFit we will progress and work with you slowly to ensure you are competent and safe during our classes. We will only accept correct and safe movement patterns and will not tolerate unsafe techniques.

For more information about Physiotherapy and to make a booking please contact our clinic on (03) 93311918.

For more information about CrossFit classes please contact our facility on 0409 513 398.

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“Since joining Driving Fitness,I have become stronger,fitter and pain free”

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“Driving Fitness has given me the body, stamina and strength I have always wanted but was unable to achieve on my own”